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Community Involvement

In pursuit of promoting health and fitness as a permanent way of life, The Fit Doctor is a proud sponsor/ and supporter for encouraging underprivileged youths to take part in sports and physical activity.  We feel that it is important to provide aid to those that are financially disadvantaged in our community, so that they too can enjoy all the positive benefits of living a healthy and physically active lifestyle.  A portion of our earnings have been set up to provide University scholarship awards to student athletes who demonstrate a financial need, and we have established a program to provide aid to help financially deprived parents to enrol their children into various local extra-curricular activities of interest (e.g., soccer, baseball, swimming, ballet, etc.).

Our program thus far has experienced great success locally, and with your help we hope to run our program on a larger scale in order to ensure that everyone experiences the same opportunities in life, despite your socio-economic background.