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When I first started, my initial goal was to lose 20 lbs. When I signed up with The Fit Doctor, I was assigned a nutritionist and placed on a meal plan that involved a daily eating schedule, and a diet that was high in fibre, fruits, vegetables, and protein. However, the main goal of this meal plan was to help me change my current eating behaviours to one that was not only healthy, but also easy to maintain for a lifetime. My exercise program consisted of primarily resistance exercises mixed with cardio, short sprinting on the track, and a lot of long distance running (which eventually led to my first official 5k race) two times per week. In just under 3 months, I had reached my goal by taking off a total of 22 lbs. At this point, I decided to continue. By the time the 7th month had rolled around, I had lost a total of 74 lbs was feeling and looking great and excited about having well surpassed my initial weight loss goal by 54 lbs! Since then, I’ve been training with The Fit Doctor once a week (in addition to my independent workouts in the gym), in order to maintain my current weight, keep my motivation going, and to learn new exercises and training programs.video
Before signing up with The Fit Doctor, I knew nothing about exercising and eating healthy. I never participated in any sports in high school and never did to well in gym class. When I finally got started, my trainer had me doing a lot of high intensity plyometrics and resistance exercises outdoors and in my home. In roughly 8 weeks, I had noticed a significant difference, as I had lost 26 lbs and had built up muscle in all the areas that I had wanted (i.e., biceps/triceps, glutes, legs, legs, and more legs). The things that I really liked a lot about The Fit Doctor was that my trainer was very experienced and knew exactly what I wanted. He always provided the right words of encouragement to keep me focused on my personal goals. This made the training experience much more enjoyable and very easy to stay committed.video
My goal was to simply get “beach body ready” for a trip that I was taking to the Dominican. I’ve always been a “cardio freak”, but knew very little when it comes to weight training. I began working with my trainer 3 times a week for 7 weeks. I was placed on a manageable diet and a serious training program that involved a lot of weights, plyometrics, and a lot of abdominal exercises at my home and outdoors. By the time my 4th week rolled around I was ready to hit the beach.video
I lost nearly 50lbs in 8 months. Initially, I wanted to get down to my original body weight after my pregnancy just in time for my wedding. I was never athletic and I hate dieting. After months of hard work and sticking to my diet, I couldn’t help but to invite him to my wedding and thank him in my speech. Since, then I have continued to work with my trainer once per week. I've now lost over 60lbs.video